January 15, 2015

Pizza Dance

Um... yeah... this post doesn't have any relationship with my crafts but it has--with my YouTube life.

At first I heard this song, I LITERALLY LOL. This song is life. And I can't hold to dance anymore. And I decide, to make this choreography. BAM. PIZZA DANCE. HALA PIZZA.

I hope you guys like this dance and I promise, if this video has even just 1,000 views (because I'm not sure anyone wants to watch this HAHA) I will make the tutorial. Ehem. (Brent Rivera's voice)

Ok cya bye bae

January 06, 2015

Pastel Pretzel Bracelet

Happy new year 2015 guys! I'm so grateful to say this, that this year I have a new project from my new hobby. Yes, making accessories! It's started at October when I was laying on my couch, had nothing to do. And, pop, it just came into my mind. What am I doing? You're wasting your time! And then I think about this: Clay. I want to make something from clay, and sell it. And here I am, stay up all night making pendant from clay. Ofcourse I do this after I bought everything I need to make accessories.

Um yeah sorry the picture is a bit miring

You know, before this I never touch clay. Bought it? Never. That is why I got trapped by some store who said the clay that they sold can be dried by air. Halah, they lied. The one that I bought is not a clay! It's modelling clay, like plasticine, and will never dry until the world of fire attack us. Never.

Finally I bought another Air Dry clay at some book store and this time, it works!

Anyway while make them I'm on diet (actually until now) and they make my mouth watering hm

Fun fact about this marshmallow is, you can eat them! Ok I lied hehe but they are chewy just like the real ones! Luckily I bought a clay that is supeeer elastic, and then I make them from that clay. I even bite 'em. I did. And it's sticky. And it doesn't tasty at all. Don't try this.

 Like I said on the first paragraph, I'm planning to sell my crafts. I also make other accessories before this. Right now, I'm still setting up my store. I think I will open my store on Instagram and next I will make the web. I'm so excited just thinking about all of this! Hehehehehehe

It is really exciting when you got money from your hobby. So, why do you still sit there and read my post?! Get up! LOL I'm just kidding PLEASE DON'T GO. What I want to say is... let's do the things we love and be happy and wealthy because of that :-)

So, see ya in my next post and please wait until my store open! :-)

January 22, 2014

(DIY) Tamagotchi Painted Short

Hello DIY lovers! This time I'm gonna post about my DIY painted short. I bought the paint at the bazaar in Summarecon Mall Serpong. Well, actually it is for kids hehe but who cares! I love painting so much. And yes, it won't be faded if I wash my short. The paint is special for fabric.

Only 5 colors, hiks. I want more colors gimmeeeee
(price Rp25.000 with the brush. Cheap la!)
I draw a cute ichigo hehe. Guess what I'm going to draw! I draw the pattern with a pencil .

 Is it an egg? o_o

Well, I didn't capture the steps at my DIY because I was enjoying too much hehehehe but it is easy. You just need to draw the pattern first. Make sure you don't draw it too small because it is hard to be colored. And DO NOT mix the paint with the water (but I did HAHAHA just because I'm wondering! And the paint overflowed everywhere -_-). Just do not. Okey good boy girl!

And... the final result!

 Some of Tamagotchi characters. I found it from internet and somehow they are too cute to not be drawn on my short!

 Favorite! (drolling of ichigos)
 Err.. I don't know why the picture can be like that I already rotate it. See the clear result below

 The back side.

 Not bad, right? At least I can make something new from my old short. From a bored white short becomes a colorful tamagotchi short! Ofcourse I will make more DIYs because I enjoy it so much. It doesn't cost much money and it makes me more creative. Nah, how about you guys? Interested to make some DIY? ;) tell me if you make some too from the comment box belowww. Let's be creative together!

About my short.  
Material: jeans.  
Size: 28.  
Age: soooo old. Oh okay this even not important to be writen.

Bye bye! :)