September 20, 2014

My Yankee Hair

Actually, it's been about 5 or 6 months since I have this Yankee hair. HAHAH I'm a blondy now. Byebyeeeee long black hair. Welcome semi long blonde hair. (Ps: I did it all by myself. Yes, DIY.)
(And again) Actually I never wanted to have blonde hair. At first, I want to dye my hair into greyish color but when I bleach my hair, it turned pretty good. And I think why I don't become a blondy for a while? Beside the progress is so tiring and pretty hurt. Why did I forget if bleachig means burning? Seriously, my head felt like burned and itchy. It felt like poisoned! I even thought that I might die by bleaching my head lol.
So here's my recent selfie of my new hair. Just took it about 1 hour ago.

And this one was about 3 months ago I think, when my hair was still soooo long. I kinda miss my long messy hair :"

When I dye my hair, many people were shocked because, you know... from a cute-kawaii-long-black-hair-with-short-bangs turn into short-blonde hair. Some of my friends liked it so much and they said that the color matched my skin (yas!) But some of them disliked it. Well... that's okay, some people have their own taste about hair style. But for me, I likeeeeeeee my hair! I love everytime I see my light colored hair and play with it. But you know, I'm that kind of person who gets bored easily. I'm planning to change my hair color soon. Pastel colors seem so kawaii! And I think I will try cotton candy color :3

Then, see you in my next post!

July 20, 2014

My post. Just don't read it if you're not in your leisure time.

So these days I've been thinking about which one of the web that I should use to post my fashion things,
Is it Tumblr, or Blogger?
To be honest, I like my Tumblr's design better. It looks more mature, simply because it's just black and white color. Not like in here--where you can find so much (or too much) kawaiiness HAHA yes.. (I'm still into that thing. Keep calm and live Kawaii.) maybe because of those pinky atmospheres.
But it's not only about the design. Tumblr looks more... what Idk what should I say this in a softer way. TUMBLR IS MORE INTERESTING HAHA because:
1. I have more followers in there
2. It's more fancy
3. Ok I'm just kidding don't block me Mr. Blogger
3 (again). Because Tumblr word sounds more interesting

OK OK enough I knooooow you know that I love Tumblr too much than Blogger HAHAHA
But... Tumblr have one weakness. You know, I like to share my frontalism through my un-important post of my poems HAHAHA... And I like to post my paintings from my Instagram. And they hide my post about my fashion stuff..
So, yeah, I've decided.
My Tumblr will contains more about my works such as writings, poems, paintings, etc. And I will post my journal about my fashion, design or dance thing in here, in Blogger.
So, yeah, that's all I want to share in this post.
Wt* it's not important at all SORRY
K bye

ps: Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Tumblr!

January 22, 2014

(DIY) Tamagotchi Painted Short

Hello DIY lovers! This time I'm gonna post about my DIY painted short. I bought the paint at the bazaar in Summarecon Mall Serpong. Well, actually it is for kids hehe but who cares! I love painting so much. And yes, it won't be faded if I wash my short. The paint is special for fabric.

Only 5 colors, hiks. I want more colors gimmeeeee
(price Rp25.000 with the brush. Cheap la!)
I draw a cute ichigo hehe. Guess what I'm going to draw! I draw the pattern with a pencil .

 Is it an egg? o_o

Well, I didn't capture the steps at my DIY because I was enjoying too much hehehehe but it is easy. You just need to draw the pattern first. Make sure you don't draw it too small because it is hard to be colored. And DO NOT mix the paint with the water (but I did HAHAHA just because I'm wondering! And the paint overflowed everywhere -_-). Just do not. Okey good boy girl!

And... the final result!

 Some of Tamagotchi characters. I found it from internet and somehow they are too cute to not be drawn on my short!

 Favorite! (drolling of ichigos)
 Err.. I don't know why the picture can be like that I already rotate it. See the clear result below

 The back side.

 Not bad, right? At least I can make something new from my old short. From a bored white short becomes a colorful tamagotchi short! Ofcourse I will make more DIYs because I enjoy it so much. It doesn't cost much money and it makes me more creative. Nah, how about you guys? Interested to make some DIY? ;) tell me if you make some too from the comment box belowww. Let's be creative together!

About my short.  
Material: jeans.  
Size: 28.  
Age: soooo old. Oh okay this even not important to be writen.

Bye bye! :)

November 23, 2013


I've been missing for a few weeks. Now I'm back with nothing. Just, stress with school like I said on the older post but something makes me happy recently. That is... I can't tell it now, I'm just too shy. Ehehe.
Here is some pictures to make you smile... if it can. Lol.

And another one

Praise my straight hur lolololol
Okey, see ya!

November 07, 2013

Flash Back

Yaampun... sejak kapan blog ini berubah menjadi fashion (wanna be) blog...
Lol. Kalo baca postingan gue yang lama, rasanya gue dulu tuh... jayus... dan hina banget. Dan pede banget dan gatau malu banget ahihi.
Sumpah pen gue delete rasanya postingan gue yang lama.
Tapi dulu, gue emang lebih pandai dalam mengekspresikan kejayusan dan perasaan gue.
Coba aja lu baca post gue yang lama. Dengan entengnya gue ngeshare tentang masalah gue sama temen, terus kisah cinta gue.
Itu pandai apa labil ya.
Pokoknya, intinya, dulu gue lebih enjoy dalam mengekspresikan apa yang gue rasain. Kalo sekarang, rasanya gue terlalu malu buat bilang sayang ke orang, ato menjadi sarkastik (bener nggak tulisannya?) Ke temen gue. Semuanya lebih banyak gue pendem, sampe saking kebanyakan gue pendem hal tsb berubah menjadi berat badan dan gue menjadi gendut (jayus kan)
Wkwkwk kayaknya ada benernya deh. Phew. ○▲○ by the wayyyy gue lagi bener-bener stress dengan tugas sekolah yang menumpuk. Gue juga sangat bete karena gue merasa harus melakukan hal yang gue benci (re:belajar) dan hal-hal yang terpaksa gue lakuin karena gue rasa nggak ada anak lain di sekolah gue yang mau ngelakuin hal itu.
(Re:ngurusin rubrik majalah.)
Hahahahaha gue nggak 100% terpaksa. I enjoy it. Tapi, ini akan lebih enjot eh, enjoy kalo gue melakukannya tanpa terhambat dengan kurangnya fasilitas dan waktu yang gue miliki. Gue pernah bilang 'kan, kalo gue itu anggota dance di sekolah gue. Nah, waktu dan hati gue terbagi-bagi dengan kegiatan-kegiatan itu. Belom lagi kegiatan di luar sekolah yang nggak bisa gue sebutkan (soalnya nggak penting) hahahaha.
Terus gue mau ngeluarin unek-unek lagi (dari tadi emang ngeluarin unek-unek???). So here we go...
Gue mengalami patah hati selama dua hari berturut-turut. Jang janggg.
Mungkin guenya aja yang terlalu berharap yaaaa. Inget guys, nggak ada yang namanya PHP. Adanya cuma orang yang terlalu berharap. KAYAK GUEH. Tapi, gimana gue nggak berharap sih kalo perlakuan subjek tersebut tuh sangat tidak bisa dibilang tidak memberikan harapan? Hah??? Jawab aku Fernandez! -_- itu bari subjek yang pertama. Belom subjek ke dua yang... ah. Males bahas dah.
Selain subjek yang gue sebutin di atas, masih baaaaanyak subjek subjek lainnya yang membuat gue berharal lebih. Nggak bisa diitung dengan jari bayi onta. Nggak bisa...
Well, mungkin di post ini memang berisi sebagian dari unek-unek gue di bulan ini. Tapi semogaaaa ini cuma ujian agar gue bakal bahagia di bulan berikutnya, Desember! It's Christmas soon!!! Nggak tau deh bakal melewati malem natal nanti dengan siapa (cih) dengan keluarga aja juga seneng kok:3
Okeey that's it. I'll be glad if you read this unimportant post. See ya on the next post! ☆

October 14, 2013

A little poem

I saw your eyes
They were as cold as ices
And as dark as a dims sky
I couldn't stop cry

August 17, 2013

Dirgahayu INDONESIA!

Happy Independence day all!
Well, yesterday my school held so many competition such as football, tug of war, and so on. And I'm gonna post some photos....
Here is the 1st photo.

Name: Kim Ne Hee
Occupation: Student
Hobby: Cover Dance

You might be wondering why do I post a picture of  her him? Because we had a 'Sissy Competition' in my school. HAHAHA, and yes, I am the stylist of him! His name is Dhani and he is really funny. He is the bombsheel in my class. He also has the ability to speak in Thailand. (not sure sih)
I put shadding on his boobs (HAHA) so they look bigger than actual. 

Auch that sensual lips <3>


 Isn't he prettier than me? *sob*

I draw 'I love Mom' tatto on his chest LOL. I really hope that he will become the winner of this Sissy Competition. (FYI, he wore 2 layers of fake eyelashes. It must be though :P)

August 05, 2013

Summer day

Went to Snowbay yesterday. It was so hot! I think I got tanned a bit. But it really felt so good. Its summer, yay! After that I went to Kota Tua, but I didn't take any picture. I just walked to see the stores around it. It felt so good too. I want to visit Kota Tua again. I didn't have much time because my friend was sick yesterday so we went home faster.  

 She is the one who got sick, get well soon girl!

By the way in the last picture you can see me worn a pink tank top right? I just bought that yesterday hahaha, it only cost about 3$. Fucking cheap. And I love it.
I will post my full body picture with that tank soon!

October 29, 2012

What to do? What.

When I feel it's better to be single..
A couple walks through me. Their hand is holding each other. And I see my own hand, the spaces between my finger now feel so lonely.

When I feel it's better to be in a relationship..
 My boyfriend is so annoying. I wish a star will fall and hit his ass.
And I see a famous pretty actress laugh on the television and say, "I'm a single lady and I'm happy. Fuck that silly boy who dumped me when I was in high school."

And now I realized if it's better to be a unicorn.

And that's what I am now.

November 13, 2011

Closing Voicferous 2011!

Tired but so excited. Gile, lumayan lah hari ini. Gua udah takut aja bakal gagal closing cupnya, tapi ternyata seru juga. Jadi hari ini ceritanya tuh begini.
Gua dateng agak telat, soalnya bantuin emak box2in kue 300 kotak dulu. Bedeh. Nyampe sekolah jam 9an, langsung dapet konsumsi pagi donat gyahahahahaha. Karena gua ga kebagian shift apa-apa, akhirnya gua mau bantuin lomba modern dance aja, bantuin ci Monic. Satu hal yang gua gatau; gua mesti ngapain? Akhirnya gua cuma ngikutin instruktur senam ci Monic ajadeh. Ambil kotak kardus, ambil bolpen, ambil kertas, gitudeh. Pas gua mau ambil kertas di meja html depan, deg, kaget gua setengah mati. Ada seseorang, sebut namanya X. Biar unyu heeeem Xoxo ajalah. Si Xoxo ini ada keperluan di vianney. Slow but sure, gua berjalan perlahan kayak gaada apa-apa. Abisan tuh orang ada masa lalu gaenak deh sama gua. Bolak. Balik. Bolak. Balik. Ngelewatin dia. Gaenak!  Canggung! Gua berharap saat itu muka gua berubah menjadi orang lain, sailormoon misalnya *tring*
Lomba pertama itu final basket putri Vianney sama Swabel. Etdah, kejar-kejaran beda setengah bola doang udah kayak main futsal. 13-14, tapi ternyata menang Swabel dengan skor...berapa lupa ah gua kalo gasalah 15-19 deh hyahaha. Abis basket putri, abis itu final futsal cowok sekolah St. Andreas sama Tsu Schi, ato Tsu Zhi, ato Tsuci au dah. Dan menegangkan coy. Pertama 1-0 (iyalah Dit), abis itu 1-1. Terus nyusul 2-1. 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, sampe akirnya Tsu Chi (Tsu Chi deh nama sekolahnya kali yak!) menang dengan skor 4-5 yayayay :-D
Lomba berikutnya adalah lomba md. Yay! Keseluruhan sih bagus. CUMA ada satu sekolah gaje banget. Sumpah ya. Mereka itu bukan modern dance, tapi  STRIPTIS. Mereka cuma menggeliat-geliat gitu mirip uler kejepit pintu wc. Tentu aja, mereka gak menang.
Lomba berikutnya lagi. lomba band yaaaay! Semuanya sih bagus, tapi gua paling demen Sang Timur (hahahahaha) dan ada. Satu band yang ga jelas dikit, walaupun mereka jadi juara satu. Dari sekolah apa ya lupa. Vokalisnya ada dua, yang satu biasa aja, yang satunya biasa banget aja ih. Tipe-tipe anak kutu-buku-doyan-ngemil-sambil-galau gitu sepertinya. Pake kaca mata, agak gendut, rambut cepak anak mami. Pas mau mulai nyanyi, dia ngomong gini.
"Let's start the f***."
Gua bengong sebentar, mencerna kalimatnya barusan. Mari mulai berfuck?(<--- percuma gua sensor juga tadi ya) Muka boleh alim, anjir. Don't judge the book by it's cover, tapi buat nih anak; don't judge the beruk's baby by it's ass.
Gua kira mereka bawa lagu bebas dulu. Kan ada dua lagu bebas sama lagu wajibnya lagu daerah. Abis ngomong mari mulai berfuck, dia nyanyi lagu judulnya Rame-Rame. Liriknya yang gua inget cuma gini, "kalau beta tak pulang mama bisa berkelaheeeee" kelaheeeeee wakakkakakakakakakaakkaka whatttheeeeeeheeeelll! Gua bengong mencerna bahasa apa yang dia katakan, pas udah kecerna, gua ngakak gebuk2 meja panitia.
Karena gaada shift lagi, gua pergi ke parkiran. Bantuin parkiran, ambil duit, nanya bawa STNK ato engga, yang ga bawa harus bayar 10 kali lipat. Saking ga nyambungnya walau udah berpengalaman juga, gua udah ngantuk, gua nanyanya malah ke yang keluar abis markir gini,
"Bawa KTP gak?"
Tuh orang bengong.
"Eh, maksudnya STNK!"
dua orang jadi korban gua, saking belernya boo. Gua malah ngelindur wakakakka buat apaan coba gua meriksain KTP, mau bikin surat nikah emang.
Hari udah makin sore, gua menunggu saat hari gelap karena bakalan ada firework! Yeah, satu hal yang gua ga harapkan terjadi adalah tuh kembang api pas syuuuuuung keatas, nyampe atasnya ga meledak cuma bunyi "pessh" kayak kentut. Eh ternyata engga, keren loh. Gua lagi jaga parkiran tiba tiba. "SYUUUUNG! TAR! DUAR!" gua kira gas di dapur meledak, dan oh, ternyata enggak. Fireworks! Banyak sekali aw bagus ada yang warna pink! (Pink addicted gyahahahah) semuanya terpesona, sambil ketawa-tawa seneng sambil nari-nari juga. Semuanya bahagia, closing berjalan sukses.
Dengan terlaksananya Closing VOCIFEROUS 2011, maka hari hari gua keluar dari jam pelajaran buat siap siap CUP pun berakhir juga.HUHUHU. Kata Kepsek, besok panitia gak libur, tetapi belajar di rumah. Buat kami sih itu artinya libur, tidur ampe siang. Huaahahahahah. Vociferous berjalan dengan lancar, thanks God.Thanks anak anak panitia. Walau terkadang ada pro kontra, lupain aja. Yang penting Vociferous sukses!
Ehm tentang si Xoxo, keperluannya yaitu lomba di Vociferous. Tebak dia lomba apa. Yang pasti dia cowok. Bisa jadi, dia anggota dance yang striptis itu.