January 22, 2014

(DIY) Tamagotchi Painted Short

Hello DIY lovers! This time I'm gonna post about my DIY painted short. I bought the paint at the bazaar in Summarecon Mall Serpong. Well, actually it is for kids hehe but who cares! I love painting so much. And yes, it won't be faded if I wash my short. The paint is special for fabric.

Only 5 colors, hiks. I want more colors gimmeeeee
(price Rp25.000 with the brush. Cheap la!)
I draw a cute ichigo hehe. Guess what I'm going to draw! I draw the pattern with a pencil .

 Is it an egg? o_o

Well, I didn't capture the steps at my DIY because I was enjoying too much hehehehe but it is easy. You just need to draw the pattern first. Make sure you don't draw it too small because it is hard to be colored. And DO NOT mix the paint with the water (but I did HAHAHA just because I'm wondering! And the paint overflowed everywhere -_-). Just do not. Okey good boy girl!

And... the final result!

 Some of Tamagotchi characters. I found it from internet and somehow they are too cute to not be drawn on my short!

 Favorite! (drolling of ichigos)
 Err.. I don't know why the picture can be like that I already rotate it. See the clear result below

 The back side.

 Not bad, right? At least I can make something new from my old short. From a bored white short becomes a colorful tamagotchi short! Ofcourse I will make more DIYs because I enjoy it so much. It doesn't cost much money and it makes me more creative. Nah, how about you guys? Interested to make some DIY? ;) tell me if you make some too from the comment box belowww. Let's be creative together!

About my short.  
Material: jeans.  
Size: 28.  
Age: soooo old. Oh okay this even not important to be writen.

Bye bye! :)

December 22, 2013

Goth Lol in Christmas Days

I'm gothic lollita and you are the criminal.

It was for the shoot of one show in some channel. You will see me on tv if you are lucky enough, ha! By the way the shoot took a whole day and I should wear high heels. Can you imagine the feel? :( my feet were hurt so much.  But, yeah, it was fun!
 I also change my costume. So actually the title of this post isn't supposed to be 'Gotchic Lol' :p oh just never mind.
 The 3rd bread of da day. So many almond on da top of da bread. Yay for my belly.(!)
Selfie with my baby Geo! She joined the party too!

Oh BTW IT'S CHRISTMAS SOON BABY!!! Actually I'm not really excited... no I'm lying HAHA. Who doesn't excited about it? You must be atheis. Or not a Christian. But I want you to feel the joy and happiness too, people :):):):) *smooches*

And here it is me with Kak Rocky, the choreographer! I used to work with him about one year ago and I met him again yesterday. Such a nostalgic time!

I will post again about my experience for become a dancer of HUT Trans TV at 15 December yesterday. Just keep stalking me hon ;)

November 23, 2013


I've been missing for a few weeks. Now I'm back with nothing. Just, stress with school like I said on the older post but something makes me happy recently. That is... I can't tell it now, I'm just too shy. Ehehe.
Here is some pictures to make you smile... if it can. Lol.

And another one

Praise my straight hur lolololol
Okey, see ya!

November 07, 2013

Flash Back

Yaampun... sejak kapan blog ini berubah menjadi fashion (wanna be) blog...
Lol. Kalo baca postingan gue yang lama, rasanya gue dulu tuh... jayus... dan hina banget. Dan pede banget dan gatau malu banget ahihi.
Sumpah pen gue delete rasanya postingan gue yang lama.
Tapi dulu, gue emang lebih pandai dalam mengekspresikan kejayusan dan perasaan gue.
Coba aja lu baca post gue yang lama. Dengan entengnya gue ngeshare tentang masalah gue sama temen, terus kisah cinta gue.
Itu pandai apa labil ya.
Pokoknya, intinya, dulu gue lebih enjoy dalam mengekspresikan apa yang gue rasain. Kalo sekarang, rasanya gue terlalu malu buat bilang sayang ke orang, ato menjadi sarkastik (bener nggak tulisannya?) Ke temen gue. Semuanya lebih banyak gue pendem, sampe saking kebanyakan gue pendem hal tsb berubah menjadi berat badan dan gue menjadi gendut (jayus kan)
Wkwkwk kayaknya ada benernya deh. Phew. ○▲○ by the wayyyy gue lagi bener-bener stress dengan tugas sekolah yang menumpuk. Gue juga sangat bete karena gue merasa harus melakukan hal yang gue benci (re:belajar) dan hal-hal yang terpaksa gue lakuin karena gue rasa nggak ada anak lain di sekolah gue yang mau ngelakuin hal itu.
(Re:ngurusin rubrik majalah.)
Hahahahaha gue nggak 100% terpaksa. I enjoy it. Tapi, ini akan lebih enjot eh, enjoy kalo gue melakukannya tanpa terhambat dengan kurangnya fasilitas dan waktu yang gue miliki. Gue pernah bilang 'kan, kalo gue itu anggota dance di sekolah gue. Nah, waktu dan hati gue terbagi-bagi dengan kegiatan-kegiatan itu. Belom lagi kegiatan di luar sekolah yang nggak bisa gue sebutkan (soalnya nggak penting) hahahaha.
Terus gue mau ngeluarin unek-unek lagi (dari tadi emang ngeluarin unek-unek???). So here we go...
Gue mengalami patah hati selama dua hari berturut-turut. Jang janggg.
Mungkin guenya aja yang terlalu berharap yaaaa. Inget guys, nggak ada yang namanya PHP. Adanya cuma orang yang terlalu berharap. KAYAK GUEH. Tapi, gimana gue nggak berharap sih kalo perlakuan subjek tersebut tuh sangat tidak bisa dibilang tidak memberikan harapan? Hah??? Jawab aku Fernandez! -_- itu bari subjek yang pertama. Belom subjek ke dua yang... ah. Males bahas dah.
Selain subjek yang gue sebutin di atas, masih baaaaanyak subjek subjek lainnya yang membuat gue berharal lebih. Nggak bisa diitung dengan jari bayi onta. Nggak bisa...
Well, mungkin di post ini memang berisi sebagian dari unek-unek gue di bulan ini. Tapi semogaaaa ini cuma ujian agar gue bakal bahagia di bulan berikutnya, Desember! It's Christmas soon!!! Nggak tau deh bakal melewati malem natal nanti dengan siapa (cih) dengan keluarga aja juga seneng kok:3
Okeey that's it. I'll be glad if you read this unimportant post. See ya on the next post! ☆

October 30, 2013

Pinky Swaggie

I think, the perfect match in color's world is pink and black.

Top: Unbranded
Jacket: Versity
Short: Made by me
Socks: Unbranded
Shoes: Payless

Softlense: Sydney. Diam 15,00 normal 'til -6,00. I wear the brown one and they are minus. I like them, they make my eyes bigger and they're so comfort. The price is reasonable too, around Rp70.000 or around 580 Yen.

Please just don't mind my ugly face... and don't ever think if my thigh is that SLIM. The angel of camera that you took can change your body, believe me.

Oh look at my babes... they are so new and pink ;')

I just have some babies. YES, they are! Actually I bought all of them for Rp50.000 (yes believe me. I often bought a cheap stuff yet pretty and unique.) And I can't tell you in words how much I love earings.... They are pretty, small, and cute. I'm planning for make some new holes on my ear so I can wear more earings ;_;

And here are some selfies that you can enjoy... if you want to. TT_TT

Bag: Unbranded (again) LOL.. I bought it for a looooong time ago. If I wasn't wrong it only cost about Rp15.000 or 125 Yen. Cheap and cute. But sometimes I want to buy a branded one too laa. I once find a new one, but the price makes my face changes into 'mother of God' expression. And I think I should save more money for a long long time. Haha, once I find something that I like, I will fighting no matter what until I get that thing.


Eh, I forgot to tell you that the Versity isn't belong to me but it's my sister's.... LOL I wish she didn't read this post!!!! 
K' bye cherries ;) 

October 27, 2013

Tiring October

Hellooooo my dearest reader. Aha. From the title you can guess what am I going to write this time, right? Well, why did I say a 'Tiring October' is because it DOES literally tiring. I have so much competition an it happened every Saturday in this month. Oh, not only Saturday, there is another day too like Friday. And it's only the competition, NOT the practice. I still need practice with my coach at his place or at my school. Don't ever imagine the practice is only about detiling and dancing. We have soooo many things to do. We need to practice our expression, dance, power, blocking, and so on. You think it's only 1 or 2 hour? Oh yes it might be, but can you imagine yourself dance for 5 times in a row without rest and drink? With full power? Ahahaha, I did that. And I'm dying when I arrived home. Literally.
Maybe I looked like complaining but in fact although it's tiring, I'm happy doing this. I just can't stand for my school task. It's okay if I just dance in my life. I will not complain, I love it!!! But school really suckssss. Mathemathics and economic are killing me. LITERALLY (again) LOL how many times I said literally?! -__- but seriously I hate those subjects. I never could understand them. Oh why... beside that, my school has an event where so many sports and arts competition be held from 24 Oct-2 Nov. Yes, it's VISION Cup. I will share about that soon on the next post. And I become the one of the committe and I should come to school even if it's Sunday. Today is sunday right? But I oversleep HAHA I woke up at 10 and I should come to school at 8. Never mind, I'm not an important committe tho. --V
Ok, back again to the main topic. Um.. what is that? Oh, yeah Tiring October. The only thing I hate about the competition is... waiting and removing my makeup. I sure love to put on my makeup because I become prettier HEHE but when I'm done performing and back to the waiting room, my face feels sticky because the makeup mixed with my sweats (yucks!). But usually I became a camewhore LOL I would take a selca, before and after the perform. Because You Know Whaaat? The makeup that I putted on my face is different from my daily makeup. I need to apply about a ton of foundation and stage powder, shading on my nose and cheek and around my jaw line, much blush on, heavy eyeshadow, draw my eyebrows and the last it put the fake eyelashes. I love fake eyelashes because they make my eyes look bigger but if I wear them too long my eyes become heavier and tired -_- oh and I wear softlense because I have minus on my eyes. Can you imagine how tiring it is??? And how long the time that I need to apply all of them? That's why I make them enternity through the camera. Click. -_-V
So here are the enternity selcas that I took this month.
 At SLB Pangudi Luhur. We got the 1st place!
 After I flashmob for Opening VISION Cup. I become a cute student *_*
 2nd place at MARS Ricci Cup. :')
 With one of my dearest biatch company, Nenen!

 1st place at Dian Kasih Cup.

With my selingkuhan friend again,  Daniel!

Actually there are still many pictures. But if I post all of them, this post will become longer that my picture will burst out from your screne HAHAHA. And yeah, thanks to God that in every competition, we won ;) I'm so touched and happy if I remember when I was at grade 10 and 11, we never won any competition. And now we won every competition. Here is the reward of our works.
I love my dance team very much. In here I learn how to manage ourselves about be on time, dicipline, work hard and be a low profile. We learn each other's character and understand it. And if we have problem, we talk it together and seek for the solution. And the most important thing is from my dance team, we become one. We make a new friendship. (all of my dance team's personil is crazy just like me LOLOLOL we understand each other's jokes. We only serious about dance. If it's not about dance, we are very very crazy. We laugh all the time!)
Oh guys, even it's tiring October, if I pass it with all of you, I think it's not tiring anymore. ;') LOVE YA FAVOURIXE! <3 b="">